Page Rules migration to Rules

Hi, I read that Page Rules will be migrated to Rules because they are deprecated. I deactivated Cloudflare following this news. But I would like to put it back. I just want to know if the migration of the rules, in my case, is automatic or do I have to set the new rules myself. I have two rules set up, one to disable cloudflare in the wordpress backend, the other to enable it in the frontend I attach. May I know what are the equivalent rules I need to set? Thank you.

It would be automatic later, but it’s best if you migrate them yourself now.

The deprecation notice should have included a link to the equivalent rules:

If one of those isn’t working for you, please post a screenshot of it, and we can take a look.

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Thanks to the immediate response. I’ve already posted the two screenshots of my only two rules. I’ll post them again. Thanks again.

In the email I received from cloudflare it was written:

Cloudflare to deprecate Auto Minify August 5, 2024

This message is to inform you that Cloudflare will deprecate and remove the Auto Minify feature that you’re using on August 5, 2024.

Those are still Page Rules. You need to migrate them to the new rules. If one of those new rules isn’t working, please post a picture of the new rule you’ve set up.

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Most of the migrations state that once the migration part is done:

  • Turn off your existing Page Rule and validate the behavior of the Managed Transform.
  • If your tests succeed, delete the existing Page Rule.

However, what happens if youy have more than 1 action in your page rule eg Header Overwrite and Cache modifications?

If (for example) the Origin rule is created which “migrates” the Header overwrite do we have to then modify the existing Page rule to no longer have Host Rewrite BUT still have cache until the cache part is migrated?

What happens if the Page Rule is not turned off (for same page rule with Header overwrite and caching where header overwrite is migrated BUT not yet cache) does this mean the Header would just be overwritten twice and would not be validating. ?

Which is ran first between Rules versus Page Rules?