Page rules - I use Bypass but it keeps in cache


There is a file in route: —.com/mydir/file.csv. So i put in Page Rules to Bypass: —.com/mydir/*.

Check image attached:

But it seems to keep in Cache the files.

I am downloading the file.csv with Powershell (you can ignore this, as in browsers i have same problem as i write in next paragraph):
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri —.com/mydir/file1.csv -OutFile $mydir -Headers @{“Cache-Control”=“no-cache”}

However, i download the file using any browser (Firefox, Chrome…), and it is continue downloading the exact old file (weeks ago version). If i download file by FTP or from a new PC, it downloads the updated file. It is like keeping for my IP that old version from cache.

Thank you a lot for your time.

Have you purged that particular file from Cloudflare’s cache? Whats the actual URL?

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for your fast reply. Yes, i purged all site cache after i applyed the page rule. About actual URL, is really needed? As i would like not to share for my customer privacy reasons.

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