Page rules, HTTPS not work!

As always when I want to build a new website,

1- I link the domain nameserver with Cloudflare

2- I put SL/TLS encryption on Flexible mode…

3 -I open page rules then I put my website domain name on the URL section then I choose always use HTTPS option…

but this time it doesn’t work for me and my website still look as a not secure website: any help please!!

Use Full (strict). Regardless of HTTP or HTTPS used from the client, Cloudflare will connect over HTTP only to your origin if you use Flexible.

You have also proxied some records that you should set to DNS only…

I always setup it as flexible since 2016 LOL, but now I did what you say and I change it to Full strict the https are working now but they gave me a page of “Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526” my website still don’t have any content or design… so I don’t knpw if things now are good or no

UPDATE: I change it to flexible again and things are goo now on my website the https is working and I got a blank page on my website, as how I should to get. I think problem are solved

You should use Full (strict). By using flexible you are telling your users their data is encrypted, but that’s only the case between them and Cloudflare. Between Cloudflare and your origin server the connection is not encrypted and can be read if intercepted.

To support Full (strict), your origin must support HTTPS and have a valid CA signed SSL certificate.


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