Page Rules - Forwarding not working

I have setup a 301 page forwarding rule. All looks good, but when I go to the old URL that I want forwarded, I get stuck with the following error.

This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in

This is the site I want forwarded, just not sure why it is not going. Please help. Thanks!

It actually is. simply does not exist, but that’s something you need to clarify with the owner of that site. Maybe you have the wrong hostname. But on the Cloudflare side, it works and forwards properly.

Something just changed:

The record was just added.

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So I just created the CNAME record again to point to It resolves now, but the forwarding does not happen. It stays on Any thoughts?

Page Rules only apply to :orange: Proxied hostnames.

Where should it forward to? You forward to that hostname. Whatever happens there is then really up to the configuration of that domain.

What’s the original hostname?

That solved it. Thanks!

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