Page rules for subdomains from a separate web host not working

I’m trying to setup a page rule to redirect a separately hosted subdomain to act as folders from my primary domain. :arrow_right:$1/$2

Here’s the setup:

I’m going to have several demo sites on this primary domain from potentially other hosts like:

I tried creating this redirect rule:

where*** would go to***

I think I set this up properly but it doesn’t seem to want to work. My one guess is that the CNAME Shopify record is not proxied? Although I can’t turn the orange cloud on here. Got this from the documentation.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @da11,

That is correct, the page rules won’t work because the record is not :orange:.

This is due to The orange to orange problem. Shopify also use Cloudflare and so there’s a conflict there if you have Cloudflare on top of Cloudflare. I know work is being done on making this possible, but currently I don’t think you will be able to get that to work.

ok thank you.

Do you know how long this work has been going for as long as you know?

This is probably not for this board, but is there a server side workaround out of scope of cloudflare? for example - modifying htaccess?


Perhaps I misunderstand your setup. Are you trying to add a redirect from the subdomain that is on Shopify? That won’t work because of the proxying issue.

Or are you trying to redirect a different subdomain on your zone to Shopify? That should work if the hostname you’re redirecting from is :orange:, although you may run into Subdomain too deep.

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