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Hi, Im trying to create a page rule for our Privacy Policy page so that it wont get any challenges. I have tried to “Disable security”, “WAF = off” & “Security Level = Essentially off”. for “

What am I missing? Does my HTTPS redirect take preference over page rules?

That should work. I have a similar Page Rule, but it’s my very first one. I use WAF = Off.

When you check the Firewall Events Log, are you see entries that match what you used for the Page Rule?

I don’t have an HTTPS redirect rule, but I do have “Always Use HTTPS” enabled on my crypto page. That redirect shouldn’t interfere. After a redirect, the next request will go through Page Rules again.

Thanks for the reply, I made those changes but Im still getting a challenge on the privacy policy page.

I also have country challenges for lots of countries, could this be the issue?

Good catch. Yes, firewall blocks/challenges happen before Page Rules. You can get fancy with the new Firewall Rules. Something like URL Not Equal (privacy page) and Countries equal (your list), then Challenge.

Got past it now, thanks for your support.

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