Page Rules for News website homepage

Hi guys

I am on the Pro plan.

Looking for advice on best settings for a sports webpage.

  1. I want to ensure the ‘Homepage’ always shows the latest posts to a user;
  2. Articles are generally posted at all times of the day as there is coverage across the globe.

I am trying to make the most aggressive caching work for the site (i.e. everything!) and just wanted to know what settings you guys would advise in this scenario?

Thinking that Cache All, Edge Cache TTL at a month, and Browser Cache TTL at 30 Minutes?

I am very new to this, so realize some of you may look at and be WTH, hence my asking for advice :slight_smile:
If there is any more information I can give to bring this to life, please let me know.

Edge Cache of one month means someone coming back at the end of they day will most likely not see anything added since their previous visit that day. Or week.

Edge Cache TTL needs to be set to how long you’re willing to tolerate a new user not seeing updates. 2 hours is minimum. I’m thinking 4 hours, so if they just miss an update, they’ll get it within a few hours when the cache refreshes.

Thanks for clarifying. Do I need to be concerned with browser cache at all in this scenario?

Hey there just wanted to follow up the browser cache thing and whether that would be needed

Browser caching is not unique to Cloudflare. Follow whichever guidelines suit your situation.

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