Page rules for Hubspot with DNS only

Our website is on Hubspot CMS, in Cloudflare, we have a cname setup that points to the 6*****3.groupX.sites.hubspot(dot)net the record is set to DNS only.
The issue is page rules do not work (from what I have read in old posts) in DNS only. The option to change that setting is not available for that record though.

So if you go to our site via, the page rule will not work that should redirect the request to

If your website should only be available via the www subdomain, you could change the non-www (root) DNS record to proxied :orange: and set up a page rule that does this redirect. You could then leave the www page rule grey clouded/DNS only.

The cloud icon to switch does not show up. It only says DNS Only.

If it’s not proxiable, you can remove that record then re-add it as an “A” record instead with the IP

The page rule would look like the one from Redirecting www to non www (second part of the post)

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