Page Rules for Forwarding?

Dear Page Rules Mavens,

You assistance is requested configuring Page Rules to forward a specific URL.

Given these DNS entries:

and this Page Rule setting (update: this is the only Page Rule setting; there are no others in the list):

Any idea why the forwarding URL resolves to a 404 Error?

Many, many thanks in advance for your assistance!

Plane Wryter

You probably have a Page Rule match above this one that triggers first.

Thank you for responding.

There is one, and only one, Page Rule (it is the one shown in the prior screenshot).

These censored screenshots are certainly always extremely helpful :wink: but as I presume your records point to it would seem as if that service was already behind Cloudflare hence you cant proxy that record (which is also evident from your screenshot) and in that case page rules wont fire either.

That is a known issue and described at The orange to orange problem


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