Page rules for flattened CNAME (apex/root) subdomain

I have a subdomain which has been delegated to Cloudflare’s nameservers. All verified and active. I’ve got a Google Cloud Storage container set-up with that subdomain and I’m putting it behind Cloudflare to be able to provide it with an SSL certificate.

The problem that I’m experiencing relates to page rules. I want to set-up a rule such as:*/index.html

which does a redirect (301) to$1

The problem is that whenever I try to apply the page rule, I get a 1004 error relating to DNS validation. There is no A record because of Google Cloud Storage - so has to be a flattened CNAME to

I have a working site, but the problem is that I can’t do anything with page rules because of DNS validation.

Is there any way I can get around this problem?

Many thanks,


Well there’s no $2 in that example only a $1, perhaps the error related to that and not DNS.

You’re absolutely right. I was trying to reproduce another, similar rule, from another account and mucked it up.

Many thanks for your help!