Page rules for and

I created 301 forward url page rules for…

  1. Domain/* Forward URL 301 permanent to
  2. WWW.Domain/* forward URL 301 permanent to

When I go to domain I properly get
When I go to www.domain I only go to

Can anyone help how I get root and www to both going to the levels link

Can you take a screenshot of your Page Rules? Also do you have a record for www and is it proxied?

Yes, I have an A record for pointed to and proxied and a another duplicate record for www also proxied.

Literally, my rules are
Rules 1 -* Forward URL 301 to the link above
Rule 2* is the same

Duh. I think I got it.* 301 to* 301 to same
Issue was lacking of trailing “/” as adding it and both work now.

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