Page Rules exception


I got on elementor editor an issue with these rules, can you help me to exclude them from elementor pages but by continue to keep these rules active?

I added the screenshot of the Elemento update issue and the rules that (if unselected) fixed the issue.

I just want to keep them but exclude the elementor pages from these.

These are the rules that caused issue by Elementor editor backend

This is the filter that i tried to add (but was not working)


First, visit your website backend an try to do with Elementor what is triggering the WAF block. After a couple minutes, go to Cloudflare Dashboard > Security > Events, and find the event corresponding to that action (it should have your IP address and the Elementor path in it). Then find “Rule ID” on the event, and hover your mouse to copy the ID number to clipboard.

In the second screenshot, where it says “Allora…”, mark the second option “Ignora regale specifiche…”. At the next screen you need to enter the rule number you copied.

Also in the second screen, change the operator to “contains” and just use the word “elementor”.

I hope it works, let us know if it doesn’t.

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First of all thank you for all the tips.

I follow your steps to identify the Elementor path but unsuccesfully.

Basically the problem that i had, is the issue while loading the Elementor sidebar (it will stay grey by loading forever)

I discover that the only way to load correctly is to disable the Managed Rules

Scroll down that page to the bottom, where you’ll find the Events. Then find the event related to the action.

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Do you mean paths? still i didnt find what you are telling me :smiley:

At the top of the page you can click on the Filter button to match requests to the Elementor path.

You should find events with action Block or Managed Challenge (anything other than Skip or Allow). They will be listed here:


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Thank you again.

I filtered by elementor and i got some events

As can be seen in the last screenshot, this block comes from a Custom Rule intitled Country Block. Edit that rule and exclude the Elementor path from it, or your IP address if it is a fixed IP address.


This is the rule, how i could exclude Elementor path from it?