Page Rules edit controls hidden

Hi All, trying to edit Page Rules, but the edit controls on some entries are hidden to the right. Happens on Mac Chrome and Safari, tried clearing cache, confirmed zoom level is 100% and changing does not reveal controls. Thanks for your help!

Here is image of the edit screen:

Hi Sandro, thanks for the reply. The URL’s are private which is why they are redacted. But I believe the URL’s aren’t relevant. They just contain a base URL with UTM codes. What is relevant is that the edit controls are shoved off the screen to the rights, so they cannot be clicked. Seems to be a UX issue. The first one is fine, the second one only shows the On/Off toggle, the third one shows no controls at all.

Thanks for your help!

Ohh, I misread your posting. I thought you meant there are controls missing on your own site. Apologies.

Yes, that seems to be a UI issue. Which browser are you using? Any particular extensions installed?

Hi Sandro,

I am on MacOS Mojave 10.14.3and using Chrome version Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit) and also tested with Safari. I had a few extensions including GoToMeeting screen share and You may have been onto something there, I removed those two extensions from Chrome and the page is now appearing correctly! Interestingly, I just refreshed the Page Rules page on Safari without making any changes and that page is working correctly again, So I guess that one of those extensions was an issue, but can’t quite isolate what the issue was, however seems to be solved for now!

Try re-enabling them one by one and check when the page UI breaks.

I removed them completely from Chrome, so can’t re-enable them. Curious that Safari had same issue, but has no extensions. It wasn’t working when I posted, but now is working again. So its a mystery

We made a code change to the edit controls, I believe that change has been rolled back. If the issue persists I would recommend opening a support ticket.

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Thanks for the confirmation on the code change. It has been working fine again all afternoon

I could not see this error on my own websites.
where should I check.