Page rules doesn't work for wordpress?

Hi, i setup one rules to avoid cache in my wordpress woocommerce installation i setup but i can see via cpanel multiples ips from cloudflare accessing to that urls that even doesnt exist for example:


I use this rules for example:

What i did wrong?

This url i use: **

You do not need to avoid caching your WordPress backend pages, as Cloudflare by default does not cache HTML. You only need a Page Rule when you want to make sure Cloudflare does cache the HTML content, which can be accomplished with a Cache Level: Cache Everything setting.

You’ll always see Cloudflare visiting your origin as long as the domain is proxied by Cloudflare, that’s how it works. You should make sure your origin server is set to show the client’s IP, as opposed to Cloudflare’s, otherwise the server may start rate-limiting visitors unintentionally.

Oh i see, the problem is i’m receiving hits from cloudflare ip to pages they no exist, is like an apache spam, what config may i look to view ip from user and not from cloudflare?

That’s what I thought. Check your Apache config, especially how it maps your website to server paths.

Check this documentation and its links for instructions on how to restore visitor’s IP.


Thanks! i activated mod_remoteip and change the apache config to show real remote ip, it was bingbot crawling pages that doesnt exist, i remember that was an old bug for bing?


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