Page Rules does not redirect


I have page rule which is:* points to$1

But it’s not working and does not redirects:

Please help been trying to solve but with no luck!

Is your naked domain a CNAME? Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records? Just redact any IP addresses you dont want out in the public.

Thanks sandro for your reply. Here is the screenshot.

What I assumed. That entry does not go through Cloudflare and hence your page rules are not effective.

You’d need to change the naked domain to something that you can proxy. Either a proxyable CNAME or a proper A record. What does Clickfunnels suggest in this case?

The docs of clickfunnels suggests to add two CNAME as I have in the above picture (src link
naked points to www and www points to

I’m not sure how to do the proxyable can you please suggest a way out.

What does it say when you hover over the orange exclamation mark?

The orange one says:
CNAME Flattening will be applied…
The blue one says:
The cloudeflare settings for this hostname…

I’d open a support ticket at this point.

in Cloudflare?


ok thanks.

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