Page rules different port, special procedure

Hello there,

My provider currently bloc port 80 for residential. and it’s ok.

I would like to use page rules to bypass this, don’t juge, I need to host to work when I’m at work.

for security reason I will not publish my real IP so … if I type I got into my home server and it’s work

in CF I create a page rules for my domain that actualy point to CF

Permanent redirect to

this does’t work , I add a A record with my IP and does’t work, I currently have dynamic IP, I may use dyndns or other services since CF does’t offer this kind of services.

I think it’s something to do with Dns since It’s dynamic IP.

Someone can help with this ?


Ports are restricted to

For requests made via HTTP:


For requests made via HTTPS:


I am not sure if it’s the same for Page Rules. May be worth a try.

Yep it’s the same for Page Rules, you can however try with Workers, though they cost a little bit to use.

Make sure the A record for your home IP is a grey-cloud so Cloudflare don’t proxy the traffic, this name must be different from the record name you want to use to access the site initially as that must be orange-cloud for the Page Rule to work! e.g. : A record for your dynamic IP (GREY Cloud) : A record with any IP (doesn’t matter as Cloudflare Page Rule will issue redirect from it) (ORANGE cloud)

Then add a page rule matching*, which issues a redirect to or whatever.

You can update the dynamic IP associated with directly at Cloudflare. Just have a Google and you’ll see lots of simple scripts people have written to do so from cron jobs etc. If you don’t want to do this then set up a dynamic hostname with someone like dyndns, no-ip etc and make a CNAME pointing to or whatever you choose as your dynamic hostname.

Cool thanks

it’s working now… the only thing is that it’s still a redirect and people can see the IP:port in the url instead of… it’s there a way to avoid this ?

it’s CNAME Flattening that cause this I think…

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