Page Rules Confusion

Hi guys good day, first of all my english is a little bad.

Note: I will use ° as an astherisc

Look im trying to set some page rules in my site but i have a confusion because my domain is using “www” i have searched the correct way to implement these page rules but im not sute if to add ° at first or at the end, or if it’s necessary to add http. Here i show how im adding the page rules right now.

My domain example right now is:

  1. http://°°
    Always Use HTTPS : On

  2. https://°°
    Cache Level: Cache Everything: On

  3. https://°
    Browser Integrity Check: On, Security Level: I’m Under Attack

Note: In point 2 i set that everything in should be cached by cloudflare, 3 i want that cloudflare protect the login in my website.

But im unsure because i have read that people set page rules like: °°, or °°, or http://°°… and many other variables, so i get confused always…

My domain example:

Here i send a pic of my current page rules:

You don’t need Rule #1 is you turn that setting on in SSL/TLS Edge Certificates.
Instead, use this for Rule #1 so you’re using www:

Rule #3 should come before #2 because it’s more specific.
2&3 should just have www instead of the first * because that’s your hostname.

Cache Everything is risky on a WordPress site, so watch for anything that doesn’t look right for the users.

Hi man thanks for answer! well i deleted the cache everything.

and now i set the page rules this way:

Note: i used a 301 code, instead of 302 - Temporaly redirect… is this ok? or do i have to set only 302 code?

I usually use a 301 because it’s a permanent configuration for me. But your site works now, right?

Yes my friend, in fact i got a better score in gtmetrix.

My Yslow score, up to 90 from 87, and Speed turned 1 -1.2 sec from 1.8 sec.

So right now this is how looks my Page rules for this sit:

    Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:$1)

    Browser Integrity Check: On, Security Level: I’m Under Attack

Question: its needed an astherisc after wp-login.php ??? like this: wp-login.php°

Now my last question, i have another site but withouth WWW.—>

Before your help, my site was using page rule for “Always Use Https”:


Following your help, i deleted the always use https, and also i deleted the “Cache Everything”.

Right now im now using only:

Browser Integrity Check: On, Security Level: I’m Under Attack

Note that im not adding any Dot (.) after https:// because as it does’not use www… is this finnaly ok?

I know you should be tired of silly questions like these, but i have concluded that i have been doing the thins very bad last months :S… because there is so much info on internet and not always they are accurate.

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