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I tried to find an answer to my question regarding page rules, but I couldn’t. Please forgive me if this is already answered.

My question is, do I have to create a page rule, say for my main page in order for some features to work, other than just Cache Everything? Like Auto minify, Rocket Loader, Opportunistic Encryption, etc.? Or they apply to all pages by default, if turned on?

When I want to create a page rule with Cache Everything and Edge TTL rules, there are some other features that can be added to the same page rule. I was wondering if they are turned on, do I still need to add them to a page rule again in order for them to work on specific page/pages?

I hope my question is clear. :slight_smile:

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Most of those are global settings that are set site-wide from the regular settings pages. No need to re-add them to Page Rules.


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Man, this was a fast response :heart_eyes:

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