Page Rules: can www/dir/* match everything in it including any levels of subdirectory?

I’ve wanted to set page rules for images on my website which are mostly organized in folder

where the following have images:{images here}{images here}{images here}{store_id}/{product_id}/{images here}

Particularly , the images for products are organized in products/ directory with subdirectories for each store and each product in each store…


So i created the following rules as advised by someone

I thought #1 is enough and it will match with everything inside that directory including subdirectories of any level and so on.

I do not understand whay #2 is needed.

Yeah, that looks redundant. First rule is basically doing the same thing.

and am i safe to assume RULE 1 will go thru and match all sub dirs in it? not just up to a certain level like 2 levels down?


alright, glad i went for 2nd opinion thank you

and 1 more thing… do i need to specifically set https:// in the rule? my website forces SSL… will this rule make things any better or omitting https:// from the rule will be same effect?

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It’s going to be similar with or without https://, but for personal preference I’ll always insert https:// in front of it just to be explicit.

Also, sometimes there are some situations where I need to explicitly match http:// just to enforce Always use HTTPS for the specific HTTP URL, and then have https:// for the same URL path to adjust other settings.



ah that makes sense. thank you eric… appreciate it much

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