Page Rules Caching Everything

I created 2 Page rules.First is for Caching everything in my Ghost Blog and Second is for Bypassing cache in Ghost admin panel but still Cloud flare cache whole admin panel for some reason.

You will need to switch the two rules. The second one will never fire in your current configuration.


Ok going to test, You meant to switch the position of rules?

I did.

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Thanks Mate! its working.

One more question, How i can force browser to look for newer version rather than using old on from browser cache?

I am using a trigger as soon as i publish something it purge the cache but browser need to be refresh

Thats a browser caching question and better suited for StackExchange and alike.

there are some setting in page rules regarding this? they can help or not

There is just Browser Cache TTL

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30 minute would be enough ?

That really depends on your use case. Caching always is a complex matter :slight_smile:

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Yeah and now i think i have to remove the whole page cache as its creating more issue than helping me.

i use zapier for automatic purge there are quite alot of limit on free plan.

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