Page Rules Cache Everything Still MISS


I create dummy WordPress site that exactly same with the main site. All of configuration, option, theme, plugin, and Cloudflare setting is exactly same one each another. Also flexible SSL is on with no issue.

Main site ->
Dummy site ->

I only use 1 page rules (cache everything). In the main site, its cache description in the header is HIT and load perfectly fast under half second.
Report to main site ->!/bPuGd8/

But in the dummy site, its cache in the header is MISS and loading very slow on TTFB and server response. Even all of the setting is exactly same to the main site, the loading time is still more than 2 seconds.
Report to dummy site ->!/cF363t/

What’s wrong with my setting?

Main site hosted in cloud managed hosting (LiteSpeed).
Dummy site hosted in shared hosting (maybe Nginx or Apache).


I think this might be time to submit a ticket, just login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support and see if they can offer some additional insight. If you share the ticket number after doing so I can see if I can get some eyes on it.


I get a 403 forbidden when visiting the site and he error doesn’t appear to be originating on Cloudflare


Actually I take that back if I hit the http page it appears to load sort of, but not if I hit http directly. And when I do hit the http assets none of the https assets show a cache hit, but since I get forbidden on the visit to https I think there’s a more fundamental problem.


I’m having a cache everything issue too… New user so I can’t start a new thread…

I have the page rule wildcard here) and I have zip and exe files in this directory. I need the zip files and exe’s to be imported to the CDN. I thought using a page rule would bypass the default CDN mime types. Is this not the case with page rules?


No, Cache Everything should work for simple URLs (i.e. without query strings). It sometimes takes a few days for resources to stay in the caches of all servers at a particular POP.

The more a resource gets visited, the better the caching. Do you have Edge Cache TTL set pretty high? I go for a week or a month, depending on the likelihood of me updating the file.

Do you have a leading wildcard as well? It should look like:


I used the wild card after the directory/(wildcard here)
as in for downloadable files/(wildcard)
the files in this domain are pdf,word,zip,apk,and exe files.

I have Edge set for 7 days out… The files are below the 5xx cutoff size and wouldn’t change for the most part as they have a revision number as part of the file name.


I can confirm that .doc and .pdf can be cached in a Cache Everything website. Can you test out some image files in that directory and see if they cache?