Page rules being ignored

I’m having a nightmare trying to redirect www. to non www. URL format.
I’ve followed the Cloudflare guides and it still doesn’t work.

As a test I setup a page rule to forward any www. mydomain to https:// newdomainname and the rule is totally ignored.

I don’t have any other rules in place.
I have a DNS entry for A record - www - pointing at
A records are set to proxied

The site used to be on shopify, am I right in thinking some old shopify settings for the domain name could be conflicting with this new Cloudflare account ?

Pretty much, this is likely to be the cause. You should contact Shopify and ask them to remove any Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames. They will likely push back but if you get the right person this should be resolved very quickly. Removing the domain from their own systems will not resolve this and they specifically need to remove it from Cloudflare on their side.

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Well I’ve removed the domain from the old shopify account and I await to see if that works.
We need to close the shopify account ASAP so hopefully this resolves the issue. Shopify support wasn’t even sure of any link with Cloudflare.

Unfortunately, from past posts here, I doubt this is going to help. Most people who successfully get Shopify to remove the connection have done this and then had to go through their support to get the Cloudflare Custom Hostname removed separately. Try again with Shopify and explain the situation and specifically what they need to do, feel free to send them a link to this thread.

For others experiencing similar issues, a lot of providers do it as recommended and remove the custom hostname when the domain is removed from their panel, Shopify unfortunately seem not to.

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