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I have applied page Rules for my website, can you please check if they are good enough? Do I need to apply any more to speed up my website? Unfortunately, my website is not based on WordPress so as to apply any plugin

No actually we can not, as you have neither provided the PageRule NOR the Webite/Domain.
Also please define “good enough”. For what exactly good enough? What do you want to achive?

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Sorry Martin. here is my website which is on Cloudflare, of course with help from you all. I got a feedback asking me to apply Page Rule to Cache Everything and so I did. Now can you please look into it?

For me its not working.
May you want to screenshot your PageRule and share it here

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Secon PageRule is wrong. As it appies to:* &*

But not:*

Please change it to:*
(full link with Sheme and www)

Thank you. I have updated it.

Furtherly, is there any setting to improve the speed of my website, please?

I can not see the pagerule working.
Also: I can now not see any CloudFlare Header.

Can you share your DNS settings from subdomain “www”?

Strange. Please ensure your Zone is not in “Development Mode” NOR somewhere is configurated “ByPass Cache”.

For me I can not find any CloudFlare Headers anywhere on your site:

You are 100% bypassing CloudFlare somewhere and therefor no performance gain from CloudFlare will be applied to your Domain.
And it makes everyone hitting directly on your server. Thats why the correct IP is getting shown

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Now it works again

Your site for me responds not about 5 times faster.

Also you ask what you can do for further improvements.
Change your PHP version to PHP 7.4 (if possible) its good for dynamic requests, so you server can process/handle them faster.
Plesk should allow you updating it very easily

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Actually, I paused it and purged the cache and I enabled it. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you for the continuous support.

On Pingdom, previously it used to be 11 sec to load my site, now with Cloudflare it just takes 7 sec, but it is still long time to load. I believe you know about websites beyond Cloudflare. Do you think replacing the regular files like .jpg, .png with WebP will further improve performance?

No it actually would break your site for iOS devices which run on iOS <14 as they can not display WEBP images.

When it comes to WEBP you should never replace but overload picture/img tags.
Also on your site there are much more things (frontend things, not related to CloudFlare) to improve to really load fast.
For your images now, may go with LazyLoad as a lot of them are neither optimuzed nor scaled right.
Try to optimize them natively and if you do not know how to do this:

just go with the Pro-Plan at CloudFlare (just $20/month) which can applie WEBP & other good image improvements to your site automatically and definitely is worth its money
Just make sure you use it in “lossy” mode.

Thank you Martin, I thought of going with WebP images, thank you for the forewarn. We are very new to business, and may not afford it as of now to go for pro version.

Regarding your suggestion of LazyLoad is good option, our site is not on WordPress or else I would have use some plugin to do it. Our site is based on a PHP. I can’t do much about it. Will go with Google Search Console to index our site on Google.

Thank you so much again.

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