Page rules and images

Hi, when I enter the following page rules, the images are no longer visible.

That’s not likely to be the problem, as Images are normally cached at the edge anyway.

Which browser are you using?

Also, Rule #1 will kick in before Rule #2 because #1 matches everything.

Therefore rule #2 is useless because it is redundant?

Personally I don’t see images from Desktop with Chrome and Explorer and from mobile with Safari and Chrome.

When I purge everything (as done now), for a period of time, the images are seen, but then disappear again.

The first problem is your site has WebP images enabled, and those aren’t compatible with Safari. Because you’re caching everything, your HTML has img links to WebP.

How about turning off the WebP feature in your site? I’d expect that would solve most of your problems.

As far as tracking down missing images, and other problems, use your browser’s Dev Tools feature (F12 in Chrome). Its network tab will show you what it’s trying to load, and the console tab will show errors.

I have enabled WebP for a few days, the problem also occurs with non-WebP images.

Next time it happens to me, I’ll use the technique You suggested.
Thanks, Nico.

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After 24 hours, the images stop loading

I am unable to replicate this on my Mac with Firefox, Brave, and Safari, nor on my iPhone with Safari.

Next time this happens in a desktop browser, open that browser’s Dev Tools and check the Console and Network tabs for any errors.

Now I have simply deactivated the page rules and kept only the DNS…

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