Page Rules and Cloudflare



I have somewhat of a tricky situation that I’m trying to solve and hope someone from the community is able to shine some light.

We have a website, let’s call it for this example. has 3 components to it. Those components are:

  1. - used as the presentation page
  2. - used for the users web portal
  3. - used for the users portal API calls

We are currently tasked with switching to cloudflare and are looking into the business plan that cloudflare has to offer.

The problem that we are encountering is that requires a special set of SSL Ciphers which force us to bypass cloudflare all together. This means all traffic going directly to must bypass cloudflare and access the server directly (the same as if cloudflare was not enabled) at which point the Apache settings and SSL certificate installed on that webservers would be used.

We looked into Page Rules and believe that we may be able to accomplish what we’re setting out to do with the following:
Cache Level: ByPass
Always Online: Off
SSL: Off

Is there a better way to accomplish this or the settings shown above should do the trick?


Unless someone posts otherwise, I get the feeling this isn’t going to work.

By “hosting” with Cloudflare, you’re using a Cloudflare server. SSL Off is going to mean it will revert to an HTTP connection for the ‘api’ path, or if the URL is stuck at HTTPS, your visitors will get an SSL error.

I suspect you’ll need to do some fancy Server alias work to make map to so you can :grey: your DNS entry for


Hey @sdayman!

Thanks for your reply.

This is what I was suspecting. If I were to change SSL settings back to on, would it end up bypassing cloudflare completely and hit the ssl configuration on the server when queries are sent to


Nope. As long as you’re going through :orange:, you’ll be using Cloudflare’s server using Cloudflare’s SSL (or plain http). I don’t think you get much control over Cloudflare’s SSL cyphers on the Business Plan. Just the ability to upload your own certificate.

What are your cypher requirements? Someone from Support might pop in and post an official response.



How I can start A Topic here?

Once I done with settings my website not loading on google chrome and opera? What the issue can be?


New members can’t post right away. Your post will most likely get split away to its own topic.

What’s the domain that’s not working?



its not loading on opera, google chrome, now its not loading on safari,
what the issue can be?

I am running huge project and it must be legit on properly serving, will you please able to let me know configurations on cloud flare might be is the issue?

Looking forward from you!


It looks like it’s infinitely redirecting to itself. It’s sending me a 301 redirect to

Do you have a redirect in your .htaccess file? Cloudflare can handle all HTTP redirects automatically in its Crypto tab.


Yes I do have set it up,

But now I can not access to cpanel,


What do you think can I disable for a while the cloud flare?


I disabled the cloud flare and its back online, but question after i enable will it be functioning normally?


Cpanel is typically an alias for the actual location. With Cloudflare off and you go to your Cpanel, does the URL redirect to your host’s Cpanel?

Another option would be to add a :grey: A Record entry in your DNS for something like so when you go to to (or whatever the port number is), you’ll get to your Cpanel.



What about the whole website, is it will be performing in 100% after I enable back cloud flare?


There are no guarantees, but any glitches can usually be tracked down and fixed.


Understood, if there is no guarantee how then CloudFlare runs?


I don’t work for Cloudflare, but Cloudflare will do their best to make sure nothing in their system is broken. As for how well your site interacts with Cloudflare, some configurations may present problems, but that’s pretty rare.


I Understood, sdayman,

I really appreciate your time and effort for answering my questions,

do you run the website? if yes what is your configurations for it?