Page rules, analytics and cache


I have such problem:

I see in my google analytics weird directs to my site. After investigation I see that cf are scanning my site and trying to cache everything. I don’t wanna to use cache from cf and I tried these steps to disable cache for my site:

But for me it doesn’t work and I still see that cf are scanning my site and strange directs are still in my google analytics.

Maybe someone could help me with it?


Do you have Always Online turned on?


Yes I have turned Off, always online. It doesn’t help also;


What makes you think Cloudflare is scanning the site trying to cache things? Do we report a hit for the content when you test?


I see in my access.log around 500 -1000 GET requests everyday from ip’s which are belong to CloudFlare and they using different browsers and OS. I don’t know maybe it’s not for caching.


We’re a proxy for connections to your site, so that sounds like regular visitors. You can restore visitor IPs in your logs (highly recommended). More info here:


Thank you, very helpfull information.