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hi, i have put some page rules in, but two of them caused problems for my site. i am very new to all this

the first one

4. Forward XMLRPC URLs

This page rule improves security against hackers using XMLRPC for attacks. This forwards requests from your xmlrpc.php file to any URL on your site (you can just use your homepage).

and Decrease Bandwidth Of WP Uploads

cause problems for my site. the first rule wont let me login into my site and the second one want let me upload new articles.

am i doing something wrong here

It sounds like you’re using a remote tool that uses XMLRPC. You should delete that page rule. And…heck…just delete all those rules until you get a feel for how your site works on Cloudflare. “Decrease Bandwidth Of WP Uploads” sounds bogus and/or unnecessary.


In addition to what @sdayman mentioned, here’s what XMLRPC does.

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is that what i should do. i have noticed in the past week through wordfence that i am getting a lot of bots trying to get through

Bots love to attack xmlrpc, but you need to keep it open because you use it.

A Firewall Rule can block any access to it that doesn’t come from an allowed IP address.

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