Page Rules (Ability to Duplicate)


Add a “Duplicate” button next to each page rule so we don’t have to re-enter all the details when adding/creating a new page rule.


Out of curiosity, are there specific types of page rules you need this most for? Or just all kinds of different ones?


Add a standard “Duplicate” button next to each page rule created. Will help add/edit future page rules (time saver!). See attached.


I understand the ask. Just trying to get more detail on which page rules (if any) you find yourself duplicating manually the most often. Perhaps there are other tweaks we can make as well.


Thanks @ryan. So, is Cloudflare going to consider doing this? (future enhancement/update)


Too soon to speculate. But more detail on what rules you find yourself creating most might be helpful as well.


Adding the button is independent of the page rules under consideration. Basically, it’s a functionality and time saver enhancement. If it helps, the Cloudflare development team can query its client database to obtain the most-commonly used Page Rules.


I understand. But I’m going to keep asking until you answer :wink:

To clarify a little, sometimes there are interim minor changes that can be made before a larger change can get in. Doesn’t mean it’s either/or. I just need to predict what questions product will ask and be ready to answer them.


All rules. One button for each rule created. It’s that simple. If your product team has questions, feel free to send them my way (email or phone call).

FYI, Cloudflare (company) does not institute interim changes as confirmed in previous requests (other subjects), so would like to recommend this as a product enhancement for your next appropriate website update.


I’ll pass along the feedback. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Thank you, @ryan . Confident Cloudflare will see this as a useful product improvement. Cheers.


Out of curiosity…if that screenshot is of your account the zone is on FREE. Are there other zones you manage that have high numbers of page rules on them?


It’s a screenshot from a Cloudflare support page that showed sample “page rules.” Used it only as an example and for privacy reasons. Our website has 10 page rules. We may end up with more as our website grows.


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:


I’m interested if this would be best handled by a duplicate button or the ability to specify multiple patterns on a single rule. I’ve seen configurations where Cloudflare users have many similar rules that have the same settings (as a basic example, both and* have caching disabled).

Duplicate seems more useful if you’re templating rules (you have a lot of locations where you want to enable Cache Everything and set an Edge Cache TTL, but have other settings you need to apply piecemeal to each location), but I would expect that use case is less common, and that it’s more common that you’d need to just apply an identical set of actions to many locations, but can’t do so easily because our location matching doesn’t allow complex patterns (regular expressions or similar).

Allowing multiple patterns per rule could be cleaner in the UI–hypothetically you’d have a Cache Everything rule that applies to many locations, and have a button that allows you to expand the rule display and show all locations it applies to. At present, if you do this but then want to stop caching a page, you need to search through a large list of individual rules. That’s not too hard (Ctrl/Cmd+F will probably find the rule for you easily enough), but condensing it into a single rule makes the list of rules shorter, which is good if you have many other rules doing things other than Cache Everything.


@ezhka : And you point is? All we’re asking for is a duplicate button. Helps everyone; hurts no one.


@Aviator I believe @ezhka is taking your suggestion and attempting to expand on it in some areas to accommodate more use-cases so that it may gain more traction as a request. As it stands you have not provided a use-case for this request, so adding a simple button to duplicate page rules is likely going to be costly unless there are other enhancements to be made in that area, such as:

Personally I think Page Rules could use some love on the Cloudflare dashboard, however a “duplicate” button is not the first thing I would ask for based on my usage - they are all quite different for me - though everyone uses them in their own way.


@andy: By all means, not trying to be rude with anyone. I agree with both you and @ezhka. However, we have worked with many developers/integration teams in the past that tend to complicate matters rather than keeping them simple. All which translates into wasted time and money. In this case, offering a duplicate button will allow users who have multiple websites and page rules (each differing so slightly from each other) set them up faster. It’s all about time and cost savings for the customer, but if Cloudflare’s business case (with numbers to back it up), doesn’t add up, then say so and close this task.


Ah yes scope-creep can become a factor, I understand completely. A request like this, which seems pretty ‘basic’ and ‘small’ can sometimes open the door for more wide-ranging enhancements that - while possibly complicating things and bogging down the process - could also lead to the request being integrated in along with those other changes. Trust I have no authority over this request, I am simply playing devil’s advocate here, and think that Page Rule templating and/or duplication is something that should be looked at based on Cloudflare’s datamining.


Ah, okay, that makes more sense–we’re talking about different things. I was thinking about rule duplication within a single zone/site, not across sites @Aviator can you give us more examples about your use case, e.g. how many zones are you duplicating across, what the rules are used for, and what, if any differences the duplicated rules would need (other than the hostname, which would definitely need to change).