Page Ruled 301 Forwarding with URL parameter is not forwarding correctly

Added the following Page Rule to my domain:

exampleurl_co/ Weiterleitungs-URL (Statuscode: 301: Dauerhafte Umleitung, URL: exampleurl/$1)

but this rule does not work how it supposed to be. example: /welcome is not forwarding to /welcome, it’s forwarding instead to the main domain. It always losing the url parameter.

i already deleted the page rule and created it new. it is by the way the only rule. i also deleted purged cache. deleted browser cache etc. it just does not work.

i am confused because this same page rule works on other pages which i also added. any ideas or tips?

Hi there,

You have multiple domains under your account, so I don’t specifically know which one you’re referring to, but let me leave you with some information that might help you debug the issue.
1 - Page rules are not stackable, meaning when the there’s a match, no other page rule will be applied for that request. So for instance if you have 2 rules and the request matches the 1st rule, the 2nd will be ignored even if it’s a match.
2 - If using workers, redirect should not be done with page rules, but specifically with redirect rules.

Take care.

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Hey mcorreia,

thanks for your answer. I am talking about the domain hawaiistudio _ co (slash) $1 which should forward to hawaii _ studio (slash) $1 …

1 - Page rules: thats clear. i only use one rule.
2 - i do not use workers.

As i said… for other pages like davidschubert _ co (slash) $1 to davidschubert _ com (slash) $1 the rule just works fine and perfect. Also for others urls. the only problem i have is the top one with hawaiistudio _ co …

even maui_marketing (slash) $1 to hawaii_studio (slash) $1 works perfect.

any other ideas?

i got crazy with this message:
An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t include links in your post. To share a link, click the pre-formatted text option which will add back ticks characters to the url. backtick example