Page Rule working for www. but not for root domain

So my issue is weird I am trying to do the following
Target url: store_com/intlreturns
Redirected to : www.store_com/return-policy.html

but it fails for the above example but works for the example I have below

Target url: www_store_com/intlreturns
Redirected to : www_store_com/return-policy.html

Now the only difference there is one domain I am trying to redirect has the www and another does not but the target url is the same. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Thank You

Well, I assume this is not about, so without a domain it’s certainly difficult to provide any advice.

Anyhow, is your naked domain proxied?

Hi Sandro no proxy is in use if you need the actual URL I can share that if it helps

You need to proxy it for page rules to fire.

What’s the domain?

Hi Sandro I spoke incorrectly it is proxied the url is uniformadvantage_com/intlreturns

Redirecting fine.

$ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

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