Page rule with Cloudflare pages


We have a Cloudflare pages App with custom domain setup such that the custom domain is a zone in Cloudflare. We are trying to use Cloudflare page rules on this Custom domain zone. But for some reason, the page rule is not being triggered by the request. However, creating other DNS records and creating page rules with those DNS entries works just fine.
Is there a limitation that page rules do not work on Cloudflare Page Custom domains (probably, due to Worker like behavior of Cloudflare pages)?
Any guidance on how to set these page rules will be helpful.

Page Rules should work fine, can you please screenshot what the page rule is?

Zone: Enterprise and Full-DNS setup.
DNS Entries: → → some.other.domain

Page rules:*
Resolve Over-ride:
Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:

I had to replace the actual DNS names. Hope you understand. :slight_smile:

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