Page rule wildcard use

Is anybody able to advise if the below config is the most efficient for page rules, or is it possible to have the two fulfilled within a single rule?

I have Wordpress sites running at the domain root level as well as several others in subdomains, all needing to bypass the cache / performance features for the ‘wp-admin’ page.

Rule 1: root.domain//wp-admin*
Rule 2: root.domain/wp-admin

I believe Rule 1 would serve both requirements, however I’m not 100% confident after reading the KB article. If possible, a single rule to allow any path containing “wp-admin” would probably be ideal.

Does anybody have any thoughts or better understanding of this?

looks like the formatting was changed upon posting. Rules should show:


Both will apply to the naked domain and all it’s (proxied) hostnames. The main difference simply is that rule #2 will only fire on any request for /wp-admin and all its paths, whereas #1 will fire for any request that has /wp-admin in its path (e.g. /what/a/beautiful/day/to/do/a/bit/of/wp-admin/ing/innit).

Bottom line, it comes down to what your path structure is and what you want to achieve. But as far as my Wordpress knowledge goes there is nothing in /wp-admin which should be cached in the first place.

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Cheers Sandro,

As my requirement is to cover paths such as below, it sounds like Rule 1 is my best option here if i want to cover everything in a single rule.


Thanks for your response and insights - much appreciated.


Yes, in that case you’ll need rule #1, but are you sure the resources in question are really on those paths?

What exactly do you want to exclude from caching?

And actually, considering you also want to cover the root directory you should set it up like


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