Page Rule Wildcard Shenanigans

301 to

Going to works properly

Going to /one-two-three gets whacky

Not sure what it’s doing there… least-surprise would be
although if it’s greedy, three would be on its own. Is this WAI? Any clever way to only split on that first hyphen?*-*

obviously. Preview would help on a new post. :slight_smile:

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Right. You’re only looking for one dash. So $2 will contain a dash and trigger the Page Rule again, which adds foo onto what you just redirected with two foos.

You may have to add multiple page rules, starting with a match for *-*-* if the most dashes you have is two. Then a second page rule for only one dash.

No guarantees this will work, but it should fix your current problem.

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Ahh, I think I misunderstood the “Only one Page Rule will trigger per URL” text - so it’s doing the initial rewrite, and then it’s a new URL, so it runs again.

OK, thanks! Might have to do this with a “real” rewriting engine on the backend.

(Feature request: “one and done” checkbox on a rule so it’ll stop after processing once. :-D)

To avoid further redirects, I’d suggest that a


page rule with some innocuous setting like IP Geolocation Header be placed before any

*-* page rules

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Oh, duh. Yeah, that’s interesting - so it is greedy. That gives

Definitely workable with that. Thanks!

I think One and Done generally works…except for a Forwarding URL which tells the browser to go to a different URL and try again. It’s very much like clicking a link on your website and you want Page Rules to execute again in that case.

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