Page rule wildcard match question

I’d like to use one-page rule to match the following

  • /checkout
  • /en/checkout
  • /th/checkout

Query strings may apply. Could I just use the following rule?


Yeah, that should work OK. Might be worth including that initial forward-slash too - */checkout*. I’d probably expand to even include the domain - **/checkout

You mean /*checkout* couldn’t match /th/checkout so that /*/checkout is a better choice? Shouldn’t /*/checkout match //checkout instead of /checkout?

/*checkout* would match, sure. But it would also match /thisisnotacheckout which is why I’d shy away from it.

/*/checkout wouldn’t match all case because as you rightly say, it’d need two forward slashes, one on either side of the wildcard, to match anything. You’d need to use that in conjuntion with a second page rule for just the one slash.

EDIT: missed what you meant at first.

Good points, Thanks.

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