Page Rule Wildcard Challenge

Researched on here, and haven’t found a solution. Here’s my page rule wildcard challenge. Trying to Forward old blog to new blog whereas:

(Old) Forward URL =

(New) Destination URL =

Note: I’m stuck trying to find a way to skip or encompass the anynumber segment of the URL. The new blog inserts sequential numbers in that segment ranging from 1 to 1000 (for example).

Please help – thanks in advance!

That can’t be handled at Cloudflare’s end because Cloudflare has no way of knowing what anynumber will be.

Alternatively is there a way to encompass any broken backlink to root domain using wildcard?

I think you need a way to keep track the URLs and store it in a database.

Yeah that doesn’t really make sense in regards to my question. I’m trying to learn if it’s possible to write a catch-all page rule that will capture any broken 404 backlinks and then forward to

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