Page rule - URL Forwarding

Hello guys,

I know this is a common problem, and I searched and tried all of the suggestions but still couldn’t find a way to fix my problem.

My problem is:
I moved my blog from
blog. to example .com/blog

But for SEO purposes I changed the paths for the blog posts
Now: example .com/explainatory-title1

Both of the domains (blog and example .com) are proxied through Cloudflare, but I can’t seem to make the redirects work.

I use the following page rule:

And it’s not working, I tried with /* as well, but nothing seems to work on my side, except when I tried to redirect blog → howitzer .co/blog, but that is not what I need (just as proof that page rules work).

If anyone has an idea how can i fix this, please share your opinion.

Well, info are not all provided but general I checked the PageRule and yes, does not work. Let’s assume Cloudflare is not suddenly completely broken, and the error must be somewhere in the Rule or any other Rule applies before it.

The link should have been captured by the PageRule IF no other PageRule that comes first was executed on that link. So please share all of your PageRules till the given one - then we can proceed

Thanks, Martin for the quick reply.
Here is an image of all my page rules.

Thanks… so it is the first PageRules and does not apply while matching the URL.
May you try presetting it with a https://, just to be sure? And after this clear globally all caches at Cloudflare. But other then that I really can’t see any other reason.

If I understand correctly,
I have tried that case with the 5th Page Rule but doesn’t seem like it works.

I see, I will tag some of my MVP friends @MVP, they may have any clue about why it does not work here :slight_smile:


Is Medium a Cloudflare for SaaS customer?

If the blog hostname is set :grey: does it still use Cloudflare?

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Any news so far?

As you mentioned above, each link you have to redirect with 1 rule, it seems impossible if your blog has many posts.

However, from what you said, I can understand that you just redirected from the subdomain to the main domain but changed the url (alias) of the article, right? Then it will probably be more appropriate if you handle it on the server, because on Cloudflare there will be a limit to the number of rules used per account (the highest seems to be only 125 page rules for the Enterprise plan)

So, do you want to try some server-side changes? If yes, let me know what server you use, nginx or apache, or whatever you provide more clearly will help me to find a solution.

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