Page Rule: URL Forwarding still going to old url despite rule update

Hi. I have what I believe is a fairly simple use case. I purchased a domain from Cloudflare and want to redirect all traffic requests to another url. After some research, I was led to create a page rule, url forwarding where I setup the rule and deployed it. It worked great initially as it created pointed traffic (after I discovered I needed to first setup DNS records for the domain I purchased).

URL (essentially the domain name I purchased)
Setting: Forwarding URL
Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect
Destination URL: the website url I wanted all traffic to redirect to.

This initially worked great, but then I needed to change the destination url to a different website url. I went back in and updated the rule with the new destination url, but no matter what I try, all traffic is still be redirected back to the first destination url I entered. I have tried waiting a few hours, purging cache, etc… I tried completely deleting the rule and recreated a new rule with the updated destination url. Nothing has seemed to correct the issue as all traffic is still routed to the original destination url and not the updated one.

I am novice and I am probably missing something simple. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

I solved it. I was stupid and didn’t realize that I also had a redirect url in place. Updating the redirect rule did the trick.

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