Page Rule - URL Forwarding 301 doesn't work after update

I created Page Rule url forwarding 301. Worked fine but I decided to change destination link so I changed it and it didn’t get updated properly even if it shows me the new link in dashboard. So I cleared browser cookies and it still doesn’t work. I checked with 3rd party tools where my domain redirects and it shows the old link not the new one. So I waited few hours thinking it needs time but still nothing changes. I decided delete whole page rule (not just edit it like before) and create the new one. And my domain still redirects to old destination even if i did all these thing. So I have a question what is going on? Should I wait or do what? Regards.

Any change made on a Page Rules should be effective very fast.
Have you tried to delete the rule and create a new one?
Could you please provide the URL here so we can test?

Were you following this guide to create the rule?

Hi, it works finally. I forgot that I had an old link at domain registrar’s dashboard and I changed it to the new one. I just don’t know if that had any impact on 301 forwarding since I changed domain name servers to Cloudflare’s name servers at very beginning. As I said I deleted page rule (not edited) and created new one with the correct link. I don’t know which of those two things helped but it works. :slight_smile:

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