Page rule to send .com to .org not working

We did point our org domain to Quic Cloud CDN as we are using them for dynamic and CF for static
Is that the reason why its not working?

We did that for the org

The DNS entry for isn’t orange-clouded

Page rules (and most other Cloudflare features) only work with orange-clouded DNS entries


Oh k thanks ill give it a go

actually are you even using Cloudflare DNS for at all? From the screenshot it looks like you are but on whois for the domain it shows Porkbun DNS servers. Did you not finish the setup or did you move the DNS back to Porkbun?

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Ahh yea i just loaded the .com to CF but didnt configure it, i only configured the .org

I might just leave it that way i guess having CF on the .com provides no benefit compared to having it on the actual .org site

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