Page rule to not redirect

I have everything at the root domain redirecting with a page rule:


Is there a way to set up a page rule to not redirect a subfolder like so:


Yes, you just have to set this PageRule which excludes this path before the other one as just one single PageRule is getting executed.

So the order goes:

  1. Do not redirect **
  2. redirect **

Would that be an empty page rule?

Yes something like that. just set anything to make this apply.
Like “Browser TTL”

This then should be executed as first PageRule and not trigger the redirect.
Please test and report back.

I selected Browser Cache TTL on the left but Respect Existing Headers is not one of the options on the right.

Just do for 1 Day, 1 Month or 1 Year or anything, it doesnt really matter

That worked. Thank you.

I ended up using Disable Security as my page rule.

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