Page rule to not cache feeds and allow all bots to access it

Hi, I want to create a page rule that disallow caching of feeds and allow all bots to access it.
How can I do that?

I am puzzled about setting page rule for wp-admin
Shoud it be [* ]?
How should I set cache level for it?

I read documentaion but can’t understand it completely.
Please help.

That would be this one:

wp-admin shouldn’t need any Page Rule, unless you’re doing some sort of Cache Everything, in which case it’d need a Cache Level (Bypass) Page Rule for wp-admin*

Will using wp-admin* effect admin-ajax.php?

Yes. Again, there’s really no need to add a page rule to block access to wp-admin

I was trying to add
Cache bypass
Security high.
I shouldn’t add it?
What about that feed one?
Can you recommend some good page rules?

You can generally leave Page Rules alone until you’re pretty familiar with how Cloudflare works. Feeds shouldn’t be cached in the first place, as I believe they end in .rss

And bots should already have access to your site.

wp-admin shouldn’t need a cache bypass because the secret stuff shouldn’t be cached in the first place.

All this is assuming you haven’t tampered with caching with a Cache Everything page rule, or added a firewall setting that is blocking good traffic.


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