Page Rule to exclude Wishlist


Hello. I need to exclude the wishlist page from my store from CDN. I have created a page rule:


The settings are:

  1. Disable Railgun
  2. Cache Level -> Bypass

The page is still being cached, and it is impacting the functionality of the wishlist page as items are not shown correctly when adding or deleting them.

My site is hosted with SiteGround, and I have disabled caching for both the wishlist page and the cart page by adding them to their cache exclude list. The cart page is not being cached, however, the wishlist is still being cached. I contacted SiteGround and they said they are not caching it but that CloudFlare is.

Why is the wishlist page still being cached?


Put a * after wishlist/

That should match everything in your Wishlist.


I tried that too and didn’t work. :frowning:


That all should do it. How do you know it’s still being cached? Cloudflare doesn’t cache pages by default. Do you have a Page Rule that’s set to Cache Everything?


I know it’s still being cached because:

  1. The behavior of the wishlist page on the browser itself shows that items are not being refreshed in real time as they are being added or taken off the list.
  1. On my site’s WP admin panel, in SiteGrounds SG Optimizer, they have a dynamic cache status checker. When I enter the URL for the wishlist page, the checker says the page is being cached. I wrote to SiteGround’s support, and this is what they said:

"Thank you for contacting our Help Desk!

I investigated the issue for you by requesting the page in question via curl. Here is the output I got [email protected] [~]# curl -I

From the above posted output, it is seen that you have Cloudflare enabled on your site, besides the Dynamic Caching. Cloudflare is caching all the pages from your site, unless specifically set not to cache a particular page ( much like with the Dynamic cache).
— unquote —

So, the page is being excluded from SiteGround’s Dynamic Cache, but they said that if it is being cached, it is still being cached by CloudFlare. I have flushed both SiteGround’s and CloudFlare’s caches, but somehow, the wishlist page is still being cached.


Something else in between is caching it. If Cloudflare was caching that page, you’d get a CF-Cache-Status header, but it’s not in the response for that page. But I am seeing the following:
x-cache-enabled: True
x-proxy-cache: HIT

That’s not Cloudflare. Is there a Varnish cache somewhere on your host?


Thank you very much for confirming that Cloudflare isn’t caching the page. I’m not aware of any other type of cache being active. I will follow up with SiteGround again and verify.

Thank you!


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