Page rule to Cache rule with wildcard


Our current website setup is that we cache all pages by default and then use the page rules to bypass cache.
With the migration to Cache Rules we need to replicate something similar.

When reading further into Cache Rules, it appears that the support for wildcards has been dropped.
As an example, if we want to currently bypass cache using page rules for any url that matches the pattern /fee/*/fii/*/ then we can, however, in Cache Rules we are not able to utilize the asterisk on a URI, nor are we able to to use regex matching.

We can create a Cache Rule that’ll do something similar, i.e "begins with /fee/ and “container /fii” but it starts to get a bit complicated when this may match other routes.

Is it possible to use wildcards within Cache Rules? Am I doing something wrong?


Wildcard support for Cache Rules and for Ruleset Engine in general is coming this year.

If you can’t use matches operator and if a combination of functions like starts_with, ends_with, substring and concat doesn’t lead to desired results, I would suggest to wait until we release wildcard support. :wink:

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