Page rule to by pass maximum upload file size

I am using a custom php made site on cloudflare. I want to upload larger files to my server on daily basis. So I want to by pass my file uploads from caching. What Page rule I need to setup so CF could stop caching my uploads. by the way my site upload url is

so I want to disable caching for4 every single url after admin/.
Please tel me which page rule I need to setup for it.

Larger files than what? Also, caching is only for downloads, not uploads. If you are referring to the 100MB limit, so you could only upgrade to a higher plan to unproxy the record in question and hence bypass Cloudflare.

I am unable to upload files larger then 100mb to my domain. While doing so getting error 403 request entity is too large.

Yes, that is exactly what I addressed.

But thats not the solution mate. When I disable cloudflare I am able to upload files more then 2gb but after enabling cf I can only uploads files smaller then 100mb. Setting a page rule for not to cache uploads could help.

Well, there is no solution :wink:

You either unproxy or you limit it to 100 MB for each upload. I am not sure where you got the idea that page rules will help, but they dont and I already addressed that too.

Then I will not use cloudflare mate. Is there any email address where I can ask them about the same. Or else I need the payment to be refunded as 100mb is too less & unproxy frequently is not good. BTW thanks for the support.

What plan did you sign up for?

Support can be reached at

I have signed up for pro.

All right. Yes, the professional plan is limited to 100 MB as well. You need to talk to support in this case.

Thanks mate for the link. I have submitted ticket.

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