Page rule to block a URI string containing a specific chatacter

I would like to block any URI that contains a colon (or any other undesirable character) anywhere after the http://. For example


Its not clear to me from the instructions how to do that, or indeed whether its possible. I am on the Pro plan.

Thank you.

That’s pretty easy. Use a firewall rule containg this:

URI Path    contains    ":"

or the expression

(http.request.uri.path contains ":")

Thank you @TomKlein… I only now realize that anything that comes after the domain name is fair game. :slight_smile:

I suppose I can use the same concept for any word that comes after the domain name as well? Many thanks for your kind assistance.

Yes, you can do the same with any word you like. For more complicated things, there’s also Regex, but that’s a different topic.


Thanks again, greatly appreciated.

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