Page rule subdomain redirect not working

I would like to redirect to the page mysiteroot/maxdenim using the domain alias maxdenim

1 - This is my DNS setup

Root record type A: @ -> correct host ip (working)
Type CNAME: www -> correct host (working)

2 - This is my page rule setup

URL matche:
Fowarding URL - 301 Permanent Redirect -> https://mysiteroot/maxdenim

3 - It doesn’t work

mysite ’s server IP address could not be found.

What’s wrong?

What is your domain?
Are you able to resolve your site root?


The root domain @ and www are working.
Now I would like to create a page rule to redirect an alias subdomain to a page

http-or- redirect to

How to configure this?

:wave: @developer27,

NXDOMAIN means there was a DNS lookup failure. It doesn’t appear from your notes/description that you have a DNS entry for maxdenim. Yopu’ll want to add that on the DNS tab.


And How should I configure the DNS entry?

CNAME - maxdenim -> IP?

My site is hosted on bitrix24 and I don’t have control to configure redirects on bitrix.

Hi @developer27,

For a page rule to work, you need to have a DNS record set to :orange: for the domain/subdomain that you want it to trigger for. You can create a record pointing to, a dummy IP address.

You can read more about this in our community tutorial.


It works with the dummy IP.

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