Page Rule statistics

The recently added DNS statistics is a welcome addition, it would also be great if there was statistics of hits on page rules. I manage zones with 70+ rules and seeing statistics of what rules actually gets hits would be great so I can clean out older rules that does not apply - or perhaps are misconfigured.

that would be useful to have :slight_smile:

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I would like to see this also. We use a redirect page rule to send traffic to a partner website and I would like to know the associated statistics. To achieve that at present requires us to allow the traffic to reach our server, display an interstitial page with embedded Google Analytics and then redirect.


With more and more complex rules and caching optimization this would be really handy to have, even if it becomes a paid add-on.

bump for visibility and a feature Iā€™d still very much would like to have

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Still have hopes for this becoming a thing