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Hello Cloudflare community,
I have created the following page rules and I want to know if I am doing it right. The attention I want to bring is when I create the page rule for the following I am unable to work on the backend of Joomla I can’t save, edit or delete. Sometimes I can’t even login in the backend.

These are the pages I have create the page rules I hope I have configured it properly.*










These are the rules I have create to load faster

Auto Minify : HTML CSS JS
Rocket Loader: On
Browser Cache TTL : a month
Cache Level : Cache Everything
Edge Cache TTL : a month

Anyone who can assist me if i have added the page rule property by adding * at the end?

or do i remove the * from the end? i am not sure if the page rule will create any problem with my google ranking

Anyone? please

Hi @user3163,

What are you trying to achieve with these rules?

This covers your entire domain (on https) and if it’s first on your list, none of the other rules will apply.

I am trying to increase the speed and trying get CLS load faster. This pages have a huge traffic and the FCP is low and I want to get those pages to load the FCP faster as well.

I am not sure how Page rule works? Does it will create a problem with google ranking?

If there is no dynamic content and you want Cloudflare to cache the entire site, add a page rule for your admin area to bypass cache and then below a rule for the rest of the site to cache everything.

In am not sure what you are trying to achieve with your existing rules, as only one of those will take effect.

Hi there,

The pages I mention are not dynamic content pages.

The screenshot might explain you what I am trying to achieve. Currently it doesn’t load that fast for the inner pages if you check.

The following question rises is :slight_smile:

  1. The only concern is does page rule can effect the google ranking.
  2. The page rule I mention is that the right way to mention using * ? Or can just add the link straight away example :
  3. How does page rule triggers?

I have added the page rule for home page

You will never be able to optimize CLS by Backend/Server speed.
CLS indicates no time but a factor of “distance fraction” multiplied with “impact fraction”.
This is related to “frontendoptimization” and can not be improved by CloudFlare itself

Yeah everything should be faster if GPSI complains about but also FCP is just partly depending on speed or perfromance but also on again frontendoptimization. So this can be improved but may not solved as you can just partially make this better.

To come to the point: PageRules will not solve your problem, I’m sorry for you

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