Page rule => rules redirects

Keep getting an error - after following advice to create the rule, I get this error message every time I try to save as draft or deploy.
‘concat(“”, http.request.uri.path)’ is not a valid value for target_url because the expression is invalid: Filter parsing error (1:8):^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^unrecognised input (Code: 20083)

Make sure you’re not using curly-quotes.

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That’s great and worked, except now… if a user types just the domain name (no path) the address resolves as: goes to"https:/concat("https:/concat("https:/concat("https:/concat("https:/",%20http.request.uri.path)

Page rules seems so much easier now :wink:

Make sure you have the redirect Type set to Dynamic and not Static.

It was. But, thanks, made me test unticking preserve query string - now it works.
Thanks for your help.

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