Page Rule Regex help

Hi all. Looking for some RegEx gurus to help me create a page rule.

I have a page rule* where I have Browser Cache TTL, Edge Cache TTL and Cache Level turned up to the max. I want to exclude a URL from it, but have child URLs maintain the ‘cache everything’ status.

So is excluded from the above cache settings, but (as well as every other page URL sitting under /hello/) is cached by the page rule.

I tried using RegEx ‘negative look ahead’ and came up with:!/hello/)*

but that doesn’t seem to work. Any help greatly appreciated!

Page rules do not use regular expressions, but simply wildcards. In your case you might need to rules

  1. /hello -> dummy rule to skip the second one, just choose a random setting not interfering with others
  2. /* -> your actual rule to cache everything else

Wow, that was quick! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

So if I added a rule for /hello/ with whatever setting, /hello/there/ (for example) wouldn’t be affected?

As long as you do not put an asterisk at the end.

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Great! Thanks so much.

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